3. King George St.

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King George St links Ben Yehuda and Jaffa St to make the “downtown triangle” and is one of the busiest streets in central Jerusalem. Lined with shops and take away eateries King George St. is a major meeting point for tourists and locals alike.

The adjacent Ben Yehuda St is another local gem. The street was pedestrianized in 1983 and now forms a pretty shopping street. Most of the shops cater to the tourist market selling Judaica, jewelery and crafts. There are of course a number of places to eat which range from some of the best falafel in town, to bagels, other baked goods and frozen yogurt.

At the bottom of Ben Yehuda St is a narrow pedestrian street called Yoel Moshe Saloman St which is lined with chic Judaica shops, cafes and bars. This links Ben Yehuda with the busy Hillel St where you will find the popular Time Elevator. This is a fantastic attraction for all ages which takes you back in time using their interactive film experience.  You will be able to travelling through 3000 years of Israeli and Jerusalem history encountering all the major landmark moments and influential figures along the way. The 3D film is made even more experiential with the use of moving chairs that move in line with the film giving you an exhilarating ride through history.

Please note, there are stationary seats available for pregnant women and those that suffer from motion sickness. Please state when booking if you require this.