Enjoy the Old City of Jerusalem and the Machane Yehuda Market.
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Mount of Olives


What’s special about it:

Tourists and locals alike come in droves to Machane Yehuda Market, most commonly called the Shuk, for its beautiful displays of fresh food, baked goods, flowers and spices. Dating back to the Ottoman times it started as a gathering of local peasants selling their produce and developed into a more permanent structure in the 1930s. Today it counts over 250 vendors and is one of the most vibrant spots in Jerusalem, an enchantment for the senses and a memorable experience for visitors to the city.

What you will see there:

Restaurants, art and craft boutiques, bakeries, gourmet food stores stand side by side with fruit and vegetable stalls, butchers, fishmongers and spice sellers. Expect an explosion of colours, scents and sounds. As part of your City Tour Jerusalem itinerary you’ll be given a Machane Yehuda Shuk Bites card enabling you to sample some of the most flavoursome items on offer at the Shuk. Among the delicious bites featured are creamy hummus, healthy fresh juice, homely kubbeh soup and tasty savoury pastries.

Don’t miss:

It’s impossible to leave the Shuk without bringing back some of Israel’s best loved delicacies. We particularly recommend items that travel well such as halva, a sweet solid sesame paste which is available in many variations from chocolate flavoured to filled with nuts. Spices, dried fruits and typical cakes such as rogelachs (small chocolate or almond paste filled croissants) will also make for great souvenirs. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy discovering some of Israel’s finest production on sale there. For a more immediate consumption, freshly baked braided breads known as challah, local cheese and olives are hard to resist.

Insider’s tip:

Speak to the friendly and talkative vendors! They’re a fount of knowledge about Jerusalem’s history and of course the country’s varied local produce. You will certainly leave with colourful tales and even a recipes or two.

What’s new:

If Machane Yehuda was originally all about fresh fruit and vegetables, breads and spices, it has morphed over the years into a wonderfully diverse shopping experience. Check out the small designer boutiques and souvenir shops where you’ll find hand crafted items and lovely present ideas. A few jewellery and accessories designers have a store in the market offering delightful creations.

Opening hours: Sun to Thurs: 8:00-19:00; Friday: 8:00-15:00; Saturday: closed.

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